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Meet Jeffrey and Tyler–the Duo Behind Yellow Dream Farm.


Yellow Dream Farm is a family-owned cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution company based in Adelanto, California. We provide sustainably grown, high-quality wholesale cannabis products with the option of private-label packaging.


We’re committed to providing access to craft, boutique-style cannabis at an affordable cost.


Our in-house brand, GoodGood brings our commitment to quality cannabis merchandise and our desire for affordable access together.

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We believe in Quality, Affordable Products, and Sustainable Practices.

We believe in quality first. Every strain cultivated at Yellow Dream Farm is nurtured to produce specific, desired results consistent with boutique cannabis strains.


Whether you choose to buy one of our in-house brands–or opt for white-label cannabis products–you can trust that you’re getting the same exceptional quality products.


And we do this at an unbeatable cost because we also believe that access to boutique cannabis should be affordable. We use efficient marijuana production models that rely on automation to save time and money without compromising quality to keep our costs affordable.


And last but not least–we believe in sustainability. At Yellow Dream Farm we rely on eco-friendly practices like water conservation and vertical farming so that we can feel good about the impact that our cannabis production farm has on the world we live in.


At Yellow Dream Farm, we’re committed to providing quality cannabis products at an affordable price with sustainable practices–that’s why we’re the best wholesale cannabis supplier in Southern California!

Currently, Yellow Dream Farm is distributed under in-house brands, such as GoodGood, and white label brands.

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