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GoodGood is a boutique lifestyle brand that combines the cultures of cannabis and streetwear. It offers its own line of high-quality cannabis products, partnering with musicians, artists, designers, celebrities, housewives, businessmen and women and athletes who share the same vision.

All of our premium flower is organically grown in our top-of-the-line indoor facility by our experienced team of cultivators. We offers whole flower at eighth ounce quantity, single pre-rolls, and pre-roll packs. Each product starts with meticulously selected strain genetics with a focus on bringing our community the latest and greatest in the market.

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WEEL is building the future of how we enjoy cannabis.

Our unique team gives us the background and speed needed to
transform the cannabis buying and customer loyalty experience.

WEEL is a fully-integrated ecosystem that connects cannabis brands to a revolutionary loyalty and distribution platform, powered by unique cutting-edge technology.

Here's your glimpse into the future of one of the fastest growing industries in the world; and the shape of things to come.


Hi Dreams is a boutique lifestyle brand combining the culture of cannabis and unique urban style. Hi Dreams is rooted in innovation, where surrealism meets abstract meets renaissance and edge.

The Hi Dreams experience is primarily based on our innovative strategies. Our concept and mission are to bring mass brand awareness to our targeted geographic regions and ultimately grow a loyal community of followers.

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