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Revolutionizing Cannabis Delivery and Shopping Experience

Yellow Dream Farms Launches WEEL: On Demand Delivery System

Yellow Dream Farm, one of California's premier cannabis cultivators, marking a significant milestone in the company's mission to provide high-quality, sustainably grown cannabis products to customers across the state.

What sets Yellow Dream Farm apart is their dedication to sustainability. The Garber family, who owns and operates Yellow Dream Farm, has been making a name for themselves in the industry, as a mastermind cultivator, renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation.

The facility is designed with eco-friendly features and practices, making them responsible stewards of the environment. This commitment to sustainability extends to their cultivation process, where they use organic and sustainable methods to produce their high-end brands: GoodGood and Hi Dreams.

One of the unique aspects of Yellow Dream Farm is that the three Garber brothers each run their own label and compete to make each label the best. This competition has resulted in the production of exceptional cannabis strains that are unique to each brand, yet equally of the highest quality. Not only is their cannabis sustainably grown and of the highest quality, but it is also available at affordable prices. At Yellow Dream Farm, the Garber family is dedicated to making their products accessible to all consumers who appreciate the value of sustainable and organic cannabis.

On April 20th, also known as 4-20, Yellow Dream Farms is set to launch its new direct-to-consumer delivery app, WEEL, offering a cannabis delivery “On-Demand” experience like no other on the market. Customers in Southern California can now easily order high-quality cannabis products from the comfort of their own home and have them delivered directly to their doorstep, creating a convenient, easy, and reliable customer experience. But that's not all - WEEL will also serve as an ecosystem, connecting customers to their favorite brands and products, allowing them to easily access anything they desire in one convenient platform. From relaxation to fashion, customers can indulge in their favorite products while enjoying top-quality cannabis from Yellow Dream Farms. With WEEL, Yellow Dream Farms is taking the cannabis industry to the next level, providing an all-in-one experience that will revolutionize the way customers enjoy their cannabis products.

As a family-owned business, Yellow Dream Farms is committed to promoting the well-being of young adults by educating them about the benefits of organic cannabis as a healthy and sustainable alternative to hard drugs and chemicals. To further this commitment, Yellow Dream Farms has partnered with to keep children safe and healthy, providing a safe and healthy alternative to dangerous drugs. The company also supports orphans in Ukraine who lost their parents to war, providing them with the resources they need to pursue their dreams.

Yellow Dream Farms remains dedicated to promoting sustainability, innovation, and producing top-quality products in the cannabis industry. The company is enthusiastic about sharing its exceptional products with customers and leading the industry as a driving force in delivering high-quality, sustainably grown cannabis products.

Contact: (760) 530-1030

Address: 17331 Muskat Ave #16

Adelanto, CA 92301

PR & Marketing Contact:



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